At Macedon, Appian is all we do. We have a strong team of problem-solvers who understand both business and technology. We use an Agile-based SDLC that is customized for Appian projects. We have a collection of accelerators that speed development and custom plugins that extend out-of-the box functionality. Our Appian knowledge and experience is second to none, and our best practices and design patterns are unmatched in the partner community.

We offer a comprehensive set of Appian-related services, including

Software Solutions

We offer full lifecycle system development on the Appian platform, including architecture, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. This includes integration with traditional enterprise systems, such as SharePoint, PeopleSoft, and Salesforce, in addition to custom in-house systems.

With over 7 years of successful Appian projects under our belt, we have experience with nearly every type of project, including

New Application Development

Whether a traditional BPM application, case management, or general enterprise solutions leveraging Appian's feature set, we have the experience and knowledge to quickly develop and roll-out an application that is both easy to use and easy to update. No user manual required!

Modernization Efforts

Looking to retire a legacy system? We understand the balance of re-engineering processes and improving capabilities while retiring the legacy system in a timely manner.

Portal to Tempo

We have extensive experience migrating Designer and Portal applications to the modern Tempo interface, including simplifying the transition for end users.

Application Stabilization

Have an existing application with performance, quality, or general stability issues? We can quickly diagnose the problems then plan and execute corrective actions.

Application Enhancements

Looking to add new features to an existing application? Being experts on the Appian platform, we are able to quickly come up to speed on an existing application and deliver new features.

Apps and Accelerators

We have an expansive collection of pre-built and hardened applications, utilities, and accelerators. Leveraging these assets dramatically decreases standard development and testing time, allowing our team to focus on truly unique, high-value features.

Appian Licensing

As an Appian Authorized Reseller, Macedon offers competitive rates on Appian Licensing. Appian is the world's leading Enterprise Application Platform, enabling your business to build and launch enterprise apps in record time. Every app is natively iOS and Android compatible at no extra cost. Using and maintaining these apps has never been simpler with the Appian platform!

Why shoehorn your organization into multiple products that are too expensive and can't do what you need? Instead, build custom software to fit your business through Appian licensing with Macedon Technologies.

Appian Authorized Reseller

On-Site Deployments

Hosting or planning to host Appian on-site? We offer a complete set of services to build and maintain a successful on-site Appian deployment, including initial Appian installation, an upgrade to the latest Appian version, scaling your environment, and planning for disaster recovery. We have developed best practices that reduce maintenance time and simplify configuration. We have experience working with many common web servers, application servers, and database software packages.

Center of Excellence

Engage our experts to help grow your Appian practice from one or two isolated projects to a true enterprise-wide asset. We can mentor your team on Appian design and implementation patterns, standards, best practices, and governance, along with program management, portfolio management, and sustainability.